Short-Term Projects

If your need is just for fixes, additional web pages, upgrades on applications or just want to contract a phase or a part of the entire project, this is the package for you.

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Staff Leasing

For projects that are long-term with periodic deliverables, this is the one for you. We source out a pool of candidates based on given specifications and we let you decide who you think best fits.

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Customized Service

If your requirements is a bit more complex, a combination of short-term - staff-leasing services or does not fit the first two (2) service models, tell us then and we'll build your team.

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Build your Business with iStaff.ph Outsourced Solutions

iStaff.ph offers a variety of outsourced staffing solutions from short-term project-based packages to full term staff leasing. Our packages are made simple & designed to deliver the desired results which will cost you at the lowest rate in the industry. We let you focus on the core processes of your business and leave the rest to us. Whether you are looking for Web Developer, SEO Marketer, Writer, Graphic Designer, Programmer, you name it, we got it.

You tell us what you need and that's exactly what you are going to get. That's iStaff.ph - Outsourcing Simplified!


Staff Leasing 101: Is Cheaper Better?

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Reseller Programs

We are opening our doors for more opportunities with a new perspective where we share a chunk of the pie in exchange for business you can bring in – our Reseller Program. Reseller Program is a non-exclusive program available for qualified registrants worldwide.


And START cashing out your referred businesses!

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IT Professionals

Whether you are a freelancer who wants to EARN EXTRA or someone who's seeking for a full-time job, come join our network and be counted. Be among the many who are enjoying professional benefits, the iStaff.ph way:

  • Jobs landing practically on your doorsteps
  • Above average renumeration & professional Fees
  • Free Skills Training & Career Development
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